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The Beauty of Local League Table Tennis

I recently moved to Tunbridge Wells, a small town in the commuter belt of London. You can walk from one side to the other, and the people at the local shops now greet me by name. It doesn't have a Waitrose, but it does have two table tennis divisions. And that is part of the beauty of local league table tennis. It's so convenient!

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Loop It Like Larcombe - Fixing My Forehand Loop

So, looping. You can do that, right? No? You're not alone. I've watched a lot of lower level table tennis and most of us aren't setting the world alight with our looping. Those of us who can turn a backspin ball into a topspin one don't do it very often. I thought I could loop. I believed I had learnt that months ago. I hadn't.

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Using Spin to Return Heavy Spin Table Tennis Serves

The majority of new table tennis players are intimidated by heavy spin serves. And that's understandable. As you watch your opponent doing some funky arm and wrist movements at the other end of the table, you worry that if you judge the spin wrong the ball is going to kick off your rubber in some random direction.

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