Our Story

Eastfield was founded in 2014 with one sole purpose in mind; to create table tennis goods that the fashion conscious player would be happy to be seen with. Before Eastfield the options were stark. On the one hand, big sports brands ripping off naive consumers with poor quality products. On the other, a few established table tennis mega brands producing top end kit, at exorbitant prices, in styles that had barely changed for 50 years.

The first product to receive the Eastfield treatment was the humble bat case. Determined to get it right, the design process took over six months. Each iteration saw the materials improve in quality while the design was tweaked and perfected. The finished product was the Eastfield Original Bat Case, released in 2015. 

Since then the Eastfield team have turned their attention to some other areas of table tennis that are in great need of reinvention. They have produced a selection of affordable custom-made table tennis bats that can be purchased off the shelf and a range of table tennis clothing that you wouldn't be embarrassed to wear out and about.