Team Eastfield

Here's a list of our sponsored table tennis players and coaches. All members of Team Eastfield use our equipment and like to #PlayFearlessly!

Ben Larcombe

Ben Larcombe - Team Eastfield

  • Professional Table Tennis Coach

Ben is 28 years old and started playing table tennis almost 20 years ago! He reached a career-high England men's ranking of 123rd back in August 2013. Since then, he has focused on his coaching.

Ben is also the founder of the site Expert Table Tennis which includes; a popular blog, two podcasts, numerous coaching resources, and a thriving online community.

Harrie Austin-Jones

Harrie Austin-Jones - Team Eastfield

  • The Epic Table Tennis Journey

Harrie is 26 years old and although he only started playing table tennis a year ago, he's got big ambitions for his game! He trains six days a week and is improving very quickly.

Harrie plays in no less than four different table tennis leagues; Maidstone, Medway, West Kent, and Tunbridge Wells. He blogs regularly about his table tennis journey at!

José Miguel Montoro

Jose Miguel Montoro - Team Eastfield

  • An Amateur Player with High Expectations

José is a Spaniard currently living in San Francisco. He dabbled in table tennis as a kid but didn't start taking the sport seriously until 2017, when he started training properly with a coach.

Away from the table, José enjoys blogging, online business, and teaching Spanish language lessons. You can follow his table tennis progress at!

Sam Priestley

Sam Priestley - Team Eastfield

  • YouTube Viral Table Tennis Star

Back in 2014, Sam played table tennis every day for a year. Then, in 2015, a video of his table tennis transformation went viral on YouTube. It's since clocked up close to 8 million views!

Sam still plays table tennis but he has also developed a passion for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. You can read more about his table tennis and Brazilian jiu-jitsu at!